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February 11, 2021

Melting Assets

How to retrieve Enjin Coin from your ERC-1155 blockchain assets via the Enjin Wallet.

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"Melting" an ERC-1155 blockchain asset effectively destroys the asset, allowing you to retrieve the imbued Enjin Coin (ENJ) from within it.

In order to melt an asset, navigate to the Assets section of your wallet and select the item you wish to melt.

Tap "Melt Item" by pressing the vertical ellipsis or tap the "Melt" button in the 3 dot button in the asset options menu when viewing the specific asset. Choose your transaction fee, and input your password or fingerprint to destroy the item and retrieve its ENJ backing.

Reminder: Melting an item destroys it forever.

Batch Melting Blockchain Assets

You can now melt multiple blockchain assets in a single transaction. Tap the "Melt Item" button by pressing the vertical ellipsis or tap the "Melt" button when viewing the specific asset.

To choose additional assets to melt in the same transaction, tap on the "+" button to the right of the selected asset

Once you've selected all the assets, tap the Melt button and choose your transaction fee. Input your password or use your fingerprint to destroy the item(s) and retrieve the ENJ backing.

Note: You can only melt up to 100 unique assets in one transaction in the wallet.

Reminder: Melting an item destroys it forever.

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